My name is Joseph Mercer, and I am a Writer, an IT Management Professional, and Career and Business Consultant. Over the last decade, I have helped the Department of Defense and business owners find optimum IT solutions and refine their management processes.

My time with the Department of Defense supporting multi-million dollar projects and critical missions has made me come to a genuine understanding of what makes an effective information technology team and how to plan projects effectively. In my opinion, it’s all about communication, transparency, and the willingness to roll up your sleeves and do the work. But not only that, I believe that people are the building blocks of any great organization and if any plan, project, or organization is to be successful – it starts with building a great team.

I have managed critical mission-enabling IT solutions and projects for the Marine Corps Tactical Operations Group (MCTOG) in Twenty-nine Palms, California before becoming a lead Communications Planner for the Joint Multinational Simulation Center in Grafenwohr, Germany. I’ve also had the pleasure to assist numerous small businesses in realizing their full potential while acting as a consultant on their IT strategy.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership specializing in Information Technology Management from National University in San Diego, California. Finally, I have earned numerous awards to include the Commander’s Award for Civilian Service, several Achievement Medals for Civilian Service, and the Bronze Star Medal for Military service.

I am available for consults and writing projects and would consider it a personal pleasure to work with you and your organization. You can reach me using the contact section below.